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Psychological Testing and Assessment

At this time, Dr. Slay is not accepting any new therapy clients. For testing and assessment services please review the information below.

What is a psychological evaluation?

Psychological testing serves the purpose of helping a family understand the cause of a child's symptoms and develop a treatment plan. Psychological evaluations help determine a diagnosis, guide treatment, and assist parents in understanding their child better. If your child is having difficulty in school with reading or math, an assessment can help determine if a possible learning disability is present. If a child is struggling in their relationships or has anger management difficulties or attention struggles, testing can help determine if personality traits or ADHD symptoms are contributing to the problem. If your child is struggling with sensory sensitivities, has special interests, and struggles in relationships, they may be neurodivergent. Psychological testing helps to parse out symptoms, provide a diagnosis, or point your family in the right direction regarding the next steps and areas to monitor. 

To schedule, contact Dr. Slay using the Contact Form.

How does an evaluation work?

First, a brief phone call will be conducted to determine the time needed for testing and the cost. You will be emailed a link to create a patient portal account and you will need to complete credit card authorization form (putting a credit card on file). In the patient portal you will see the required paperwork that must be completed the Thursday before your appointment. The appointment will be canceled and rescheduled if the paperwork is not received on time. A considerable amount of work and preparation is required for psychological testing; without the paperwork completed on time, the preparation cannot happen. You may receive paperwork to give to teachers or you may be supplied links to forward to educators to aide in the assessment process. After testing is complete and all forms are received, Dr. Slay will spend time scoring and interpreting the results. Finally, a telehealth feedback session is scheduled to review the assessment results and discuss any diagnoses or recommendations. After the feedback session, a written assessment report is provided to the family incorporating all findings from the assessment and feedback appointment.

How Much Will an Assessment Cost?

Dr. Slay is not accepting insurance at this time. Assessment costs vary based on the extent of the assessment.

- ADHD assessment $1,250.00: This is a targeted assessment only to assess the presence or absence of ADHD.

- Autism assessment $1,250.00: This is a targeted assessment only to assess the presence or absence of autism and any associated intelligence or language disorders. 

- Learning Disability assessment $1,600.00: This assessment takes a detailed look at a child's intellectual skills and academic performance only. This assessment does not include any emotional/behavior testing or ADHD testing. If concerns regarding ADHD become apparent, Dr. Slay will discuss this with you and determine a plan for moving forward.

- General Psychological Evaluation $1,600.00: This is a baseline assessment of a child's general emotional, social, and behavioral well-being. Determinations of possible mood disorders such as depression, anxiety, and/or personality disorders can be determined.

- Any combined two-part assessment (i.e., Autism and ADHD or ADHD and Learning Disability) $1,800.00

- Full Battery Psychological Assessments: $2,000.00 - $2,500.00: These assessments are more extensive in nature and take a comprehensive look at your child's functioning. Pricing varies depending on the extent of the assessment but will fall within the range above. *If you are seeking testing for Horizon Academy this is the testing level that is recommended by the school.*

- Cancelations less than 24 hours in advance will be charged 50% of the entire testing fee. When you book your appointment, you hold a space on the calendar that is no longer available to other clients. To respect my time and other fellow clients, please call me as soon as you know you cannot commit. The same cancellation fee will apply if you are more than 20 minutes late for your service. 

-Payment is due at the time of service, and payment plans can be discussed. Failure to pay for your service will result in your account being sent to collections.

My Evaluation is Court-Ordered.

A copy of the court order is required to be supplied in its entirety and any associated documents outlining who is responsible for payment. All court-ordered assessments are self-pay and start at $2,000.00

What if I have Insurance?

Dr. Slay is not accepting insurance and will not contact any insurance company. You are welcome to request a superbill from Dr. Slay to provide to your insurance company. If you go this route you may* be able to receive a partial reimbursement from your insurance company.

Divorced Parents or Legal Involvement?

One of the intake documents required to be completed is the Medical Decision-Making form. This form requires a parent/guardian to list the names of any adult with legal decision-making rights of the child. If you are a step-parent who has not adopted the child or a grandparent or other adult with no legal rights to the child, I cannot meet or speak with you without a signed release of information from the adult(s) with legal rights. 

If there are legal documents indicating what portion each parent is responsible for paying for such services, I do not involve myself with billing each parent – whoever is present with the child pays for the service, and parents are to figure out who owes whom. Payment is due on the day of services rendered. Payment plans can be discussed.

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