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Support Group

Reflective Supervision

Burnout Reduction and Support

Reflective supervision increases the quality of infant mental health services by reducing vicarious trauma, staff turnover, and bias while increasing practitioner knowledge and improved practice, job satisfaction, efficacy, and responsiveness.

Reflective supervision is a method of supervision in which an administrator or hired consultant supports and guides professionals through challenges that arise in working with children and their families. It is based on a collaborative relationship and the outcome is professional growth. Supervision typically occurs face-to-face in a confidential setting, however, it can also be offered using electronic communication. Meetings are scheduled and occur on a regular basis rather than only when a crisis happens.

"Reflective Supervision is inextricably both a best practice and an essential component for those providing relationship-focused prevention, intervention, and treatment (MI-AIMH, 2017).” For more on reflective supervision, check out this resource from ZeroToThree, 3 Building Blocks of Reflective Supervision

Who May Benefit:

  • Mental Health Providers

  • Childcare Workers

  • Social Workers

  • Case Managers

  • Early Childhood Educators

  • Lawyers

  • Child Welfare Workers

  • Probation Officers

  • Respite Care Providers

  • and many others

To discuss contracts and scheduling Reflective Supervision with me please complete the interest form.

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